Alexander Theatre

Master Classes at the Alexander Theatre, Helsinki

June 17th to June 22nd and July 3rd to July 8th 2017

Some testimonials of the singers after the Master Class in June 2017

I had the pleasure to participate in a masterclass with Cynthia Makris this summer. I had high expectations based on testimonials of my singer colleagues, but my learning experience turned out even better than I expected. I was looking for advice to improve my vocal technique to meet the demands of challenging opera repertoire, and I developed more agility and ease in my higher range during the master class.

During the course we did detailed work, but all the time in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. It was also really inspiring to observe other lessons during the course and see how Cynthia was able to help singers on a high level get even better. Thanks to her vast performing experience and repertoire knowledge, she can help students to bring the expression and character alive in addition to giving the technical tools that make it possible.

Marja K., Helsinki

Advantages of working with Cynthia
- Creates a very safe, joyful, nurturing and positive atmosphere for student that enables learning
- Student-oriented with sensitivity for student's individual needs and wishes
- Really good eyes, ears and other senses for optimizing student's resonance/ring, posture and artistic expression
- Decades of experience in performing all operatic repertoire on globally leading stages
- Value-added services include Bel Canto tenor singing niche insights from Raimo Sirkia

Case Dramatic Tenor 40 years, no voice lessons for past three years, no existing technical/vocal issues
- What was done: Worked for six consecutive days on optimizing ring and posture in repertoire, including Tristan, Siegfried, Siegmund, Lohengrin, Walter von Stolzing, Otello, Andrea Chenier - End result: Significantly refined frontal resonance without causing any vocal fatigue

Antti T., Helsinki

Photos from the Master Class with the Opera Studio of

the Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Düsseldorf, Germany June 2016

\'94Master \'94Master
After Rehearsal in the Deutsche Oper am Rhein                                 All Performers after the Master Class Concert

Some testimonials of the singers after the Master Class in Düsseldorf,

Germany 2016

Hi Cynthia, thanks for your nice words and help during our week! For me it was really important especially to listen to you singing, hearing you keeping it very "slim" but rich and full in sound. Nowadays I'm trying to find my own voice and to keep it natural in every register and you helped me to follow this way. I must say that I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere during the whole masterclass, thank you for that! Many greetings and thanks also to your husband whose practical tips were absolutely amazing. I hope you are having a good time and I wish you all the best!

Yours Roman

Dear Cynthia. Working with you it was an honor. And thank you very much for bringing your apport and support in my development as a future opera singer by telling me precious things about singing and technique from your point of view. All this picky work to each phrase and sound you make it seem so easy because of your positive energy, kindness and love. To be honest it was a lot of fun. I am grateful that God made us to meet because you are really a great person from whom i had a lot to learn. Wish you all the best and thank you again for this beautiful work together and good atmosphere.

With love, Maria

I have been fortunate enough to witness many of Cynthia's performances on stage. Her Salome and Lady Macbeth set standards to which I have subsequently compared any performances of the same operas afterwards. In the beginning of my career I worked at the Opera Festival in Savonlinna, Finland. Cynthia's mastery of vocal technique, her dramatic singing and her exciting stage presence would be a source of inspiration for us young artists, also striving for a career in opera.

It made me very happy that this year, I was able to invite Cynthia to give a masterclass for the Opera Studio of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf. She worked with the singers of our studio for a week with remarkable results. Cynthia's method of singing is based on decades of experience of performing most demanding soprano parts on stage. Her method is not based on illusions of what singing might be seen from an academic point of view. She has a set of exercises that she uses for warming up the voice. She insists on proper execution and pure vocal colors, and the exercises serve as a tool for a daily check on vocal condition. Many of the scales that she uses can be found almost exactly in the same form in arias of Bellini or Verdi.

While insisting on technical perfection, Cynthia strongly emphasizes a musical and dramatic approach to singing. With her, vocal technique and interpretation are not two separate things. Rather, the two form a synthesis, where technique enables the singer to serve the purposes of music and where dramatic context sets the requirements for the vocal technique to meet.

In addition to all this, Cynthia is a positive, energetic person who makes learning for her students easy. I would very warmly recommend Cynthia for anybody who wants to brings his singing to a high professional level and obtain vocal skills that enable a healthy, long career in singing.

Ville Enckelmann
Musikalische Leiter des Opernstudios
Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf-Duisburg

Photos from the Master Class at the Alexander Theatre

Originally the home of the Finnish National Opera

Helsinki, Finland July 2016