Testimonials from Middle School Student and her Mother

Cynthia not only has an amazing voice but she is an amazing teacher!!!!!! She has helped me get into an outstanding school, Bak Middle School of The Arts. I have progressed my vocal range and she has helped me in so many other ways to build my confidence and become a better singer. I continue to use Cynthia in the hopes to get into Dreyfoos for high school.
Alexa R., Boynton Beach, FL

My daughter started with Cynthia about a year before we were to have Alexa audition at Bak school of the arts. Cynthia is a professional in every way. She helped Alexa with her confidence and taught her what she needed to know and improve on in order to audition at Bak. Cynthia believes in her students and she believed in Alexa from the beginning . We are so happy with how Alexa has grown as a vocal major and we hope her beautiful voice will continue to shine and get her to the next level with all her dreams. Thank you Cynthia for making it all possible!
Michelle R., Boynton Beach, FL


I had the pleasure to participate in a masterclass with Cynthia Makris this summer. I had high expectations based on testimonials of my singer colleagues, but my learning experience turned out even better than I expected. I was looking for advice to improve my vocal technique to meet the demands of challenging opera repertoire, and I developed more agility and ease in my higher range during the master class.

During the course we did detailed work, but all the time in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. It was also really inspiring to observe other lessons during the course and see how Cynthia was able to help singers on a high level get even better. Thanks to her vast performing experience and repertoire knowledge, she can help students to bring the expression and character alive in addition to giving the technical tools that make it possible.

Marja K., Helsinki

Advantages of working with Cynthia
- Creates a very safe, joyful, nurturing and positive atmosphere for student that enables learning
- Student-oriented with sensitivity for student's individual needs and wishes
- Really good eyes, ears and other senses for optimizing student's resonance/ring, posture and artistic expression
- Decades of experience in performing all operatic repertoire on globally leading stages
- Value-added services include Bel Canto tenor singing niche insights from Raimo Sirkia

Case Dramatic Tenor 40 years, no voice lessons for past three years, no existing technical/vocal issues
- What was done: Worked for six consecutive days on optimizing ring and posture in repertoire, including Tristan, Siegfried, Siegmund, Lohengrin, Walter von Stolzing, Otello, Andrea Chenier - End result: Significantly refined frontal resonance without causing any vocal fatigue

Antti T., Helsinki

I met Cynthia Makris for the first time in Helsinki in 1992 in a concert version of the opera Die Frau ohne Schatten by Richard Strauss. She was singing the role of Die Kaiserin and I was one of die Kinderstimmen. I admired Cynthia's beautiful voice, her solid technique and her royal appearance.

After this Strauss concert I saw Cynthia Makris in many roles in the National Opera of Finland in Helsinki and in the Savonlinna Opera Festifal, for example as Lady Macbeth, Tosca, Salome, Norma, Leonora (Il Trovatore), Minnie, die Kaiserin.

I still admired the same things as before, although then I could appreciate her talent and abilities more because I had been studying singing for a longer time at the Sibelius Academy and privately, I had performed several opera roles, and I could understand better the technical difficulties of the roles and the stage performing and acting demands as before.

The year 2016 I got the possibility to sing the aria Casta diva (Bellini: Norma) at the concert with the orchestra, and I luckily got the idea to ask the advice from a living Casta Diva, Cynthia Makris. I got voice lessons from her in the summer and fall of 2016, and went a lot forward both technically and with the interpretation of the aria.

Cynthia's voice lessons start with the vocal exercises for warming up the voice but also to develop the vocal technique. They are generally known exercises: first with small intervals with one vowel in a major key, then other vowels, larger intervals and scales, legatos and coloraturas until the voice is tuned and ready for singing the songs/arias which are to be worked with.

Cynthia Makris is a very supportive and encouraging teacher, but also demanding. I have heard her teach the amateurs who love to sing as a hobby, the beginner who could become a professional and also the professionals. And with all these different kind of singers she uses similar exercises with the same technical goal but with different demands according to the level and the status of the student so that everybody can feel they can develop technically and musically and get a reward after a hard job.

I believe that every professional singer needs a critical listener with good ears and knowledge of the styles, who can tell when the tone fails, legato does not continue, coloraturas get smashed, text disturbs the sound or the interpretation isn't convincing enough. - And the singers also need someone who tell them: You sound wonderful!

Laura L., Helsinki

Singing has been my dearest hobby for 30 years. All my singing life I have been looking for sound. People say I have a big and beautiful voice full of warmth but I have always felt a dullness in my voice, and that has made me so frustrated many times. Thanks to Cynthia Makris I learned a way to create brightness and focus to my voice.

Cynthia is a great teacher. Her positive and consistent guidance truly helps the student learn and develop her voice in a way that brings immediate results. With Cynthia I have found also the potential for coloratura in me. Singing feels again like a worthy and exciting adventure!

Cristina A., Helsinki

" I am very grateful that I met Cynthia Makris this summer! She has guided me to get my soprano voice more flexible and free!

After 30 years active singing as a soprano and performing all kind of classical music it is just wonderful, that you can feel your voice getting better! Thank you Cynthia for leading me to the new direction which is going to get me through the new challenges! "

Margit T., Helsinki

I had a blessing one day and found an Opera Coach, by the name of Cynthia Makris, many years ago. It is very rare these days to find a coach that not only knows how to bring the voice to its true potential , but also in diction, phrasing, and to sing perfect language in the text of the opera as written. I'm very impressed on every lesson. Just when I think I learned something one way, there's a better way with Cynthia. Her talent is not just as a coach, but she has tremendous experience in many roles, that one day I want to sing, the real opera, real emotion and an understanding of how opera should be done on stage. She is also very experienced in 6 languages, and Bel Canto is Cynthia's specialty from start to end. I highly recommend anyone who is truly serious to go into this field of passion called Opera!.

She is a great mentor to have and guides her students to the greatness of what they can become.
You will be so lucky to have her.... I know I am... Good Luck in your journey...

Anna N., Boynton Beach, FL

I began lessons with Mrs Cynthia Makris in September 2011. Previous to starting lessons with Cynthia, I had just finished up my bachelors of music in performance and was looking for someone who could take me to the next level operatically.

I knew from just one lesson that she could do just that. Cynthia has a full understanding of the voice. Her approach is to stay free, lifted, and aligned. Never once have I been told to manipulate my sound or have I ever felt tension. Since taking lessons with Cynthia my voice has gained agility, flexibility and height. I am doing things vocally I didn't know possible. Cynthia goes over and beyond in helping me find and prepare for different competitions, and I am proud to put her name down as my voice coach.

Jinon D., Palm Beach, Florida

I have known Cynthia for only a short while. I wanted to have lessons with her because I felt I needed more focus and better high notes in my voice. I had heard and admired her singing on the Finnish National Opera and Savonlinna Opera Festival stages, and felt that she might have the secret for what I needed. After only six intensive lessons my pianist marked a big difference in my voice's carrying power. This resulted also in more freedom and better diction.

Cynthia is a very dedicated teacher, demanding and encouraging at the same time. She puts herself wholeheartedly into her teaching, and her combination of intelligence, dedication, caringness and aura of opera diva should draw the singer out of anyone. And for us who are already professionals, she will always have something to give from the wealth of experience she has amassed during her career all over the world. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is interested in attaining or maintaining high standards in their singing.

Tuula P., Finnish National Opera

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